Difference between GRC and MGO



  • Material: chopped glass fiber premixed with cement, 5% fiber content.
  • Machine spraying process bring the body high-density molding.
  • Glass fiber mixed with the cement with multi-directional traction make the body more stable and durable.
  • Material: glass fiber layers with MgO, 2-3% fiber content.
  • Hand-formed process, low density body and not strong enough.
  • Layered MgO and glass fiber is uncompacted, single direction traction, body not tightly bonded.

Material Characteristics

  • Concrete is a relatively stable material.
  • 4-6 hours per molding, 2 molding per day.
  • Molded body needs 28 days’ fully reacting and maintaining, then the strength reach 100% and no more future reaction.
  • Natural concrete color available, high requirement of molding.
  • 30-50% labour cost higher than MgO.
  • MgO is a unstable material.
  • 2-3 hours per molding, 3-4 molding per day.
  • Molded body only need 7 days’ maintaining, MgO always react with water, so the surface needs to be covered by paint.
  • Surface must be painted only, thus it’s easily repaired after molding.
  • Easy process, less production time, lower cost.